Why I Wear Flower Crowns

And heart shaped glasses. And cat tee-shirts. And other silly things.

I get asked at times why I choose to wear the clothes that I do. Sometimes my clothes are silly, a bit unusual or just plain childish. But I wear them anyway.

 I don’t have a side of me that wants to rebel against the norm. I don’t try to find clothes people never wear on purpose. I’m not a crazy cat lady (yet). I just love seeing people smile.

Walking through campus wearing my “Pudge the cat” shirt brings me so much joy because so many people smile or even giggle at it. I even had a person stop me once so they could take a picture because it brightened their day.


 My heart-shaped sunglasses and flower crowns do the same thing. People laugh, giggle, or just smile.

And then those people talk.

Sometimes it’s short. Sometimes it’s a passing hello. Sometimes I get a thumbs up. All of these are positive reactions. Personal interactions, let alone positive ones, are starting to  become more and more rare. It’s harder to have interactions because of phones and other distractions… So these small little positivities are so important.

Smiling and being joyful are rare, fragile, and beautiful qualities that are easily forgotten or trampled in hard times. If I can wear funky clothes to share the love with others, then I absolutely will… Even if I look silly. 🙂

What else can we do to love people and bring a smile to their faces?


Ps. Pudge the Cat is on Instagram and YouTube! Go brighten you day with a dose of Pudge by clicking on this @pudgethecat picture!



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