Goodbye, Grads.

I have had countless friends graduate this spring from college. And I am so proud! While I am not graduating until November, I found it hard this quarter (and this year) to feel sentimental or even sad about the change that is coming upon us all. 

However, now our little college town is clearing out fast. As people go away for the summer, or begin new adventures both close to home and in far off places, I can’t help but feel the rush of the sentiment I had pushed away for so long. 

To all of my college grad friends: 

I have loved every second with each of you. All of the late night talks and crazy adventures; all the fast food and ice cream runs; all the joy and peace shared during times of stress. 

I remember coming as a freshman and being so excited for the future, but afraid of how big the world seemed at the time. And yet, getting to know each of you not only made the world seem smaller… But filled with more possibilities than I could ever imagine. 

As freshmen, many of us had wild risk-taking dreams about our future. Don’t lose sight of these seemingly crazy things. The only way the world can change for the better is if we allow ourselves to think that it can be changed…. and that we can change it. 

Thank you for the encouragement to keep going. Pushing each other though hard classes and all-nighters…. but also pushing to have fun. 

I will miss seeing each of you on campus or just in our cute little town. The hardest part will be not seeing your sweet faces regularly! 

Thank you for your warm hellos, hugs, and genuine hearts. Go out and while remembering these joyful days, continue to make more for yourself and others. 



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