This week I went without Instagram. Now I am somewhat of an Insta fanatic, it’s my favorite form of social media. I love documenting life through pictures, and challenging myself to see the world in a new way. However, I started noticing that I was missing out on the world that I find so fascinating. 

This came to my attention at first through my husband as he jokingly would tell me that I was addicted to my Instagram. “Um, no! I just like pretty pictures!”, I would say. But as I started thinking I realized that while I may not be fully addicted, I had a problem putting down my phone. So began the week of #InstalessChelsea. 

When I first started this challenge it was very difficult for me. I had formed the bad habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning, and with the challenge I didn’t. I found myself enjoying other things like coffee or yoga to start my day instead of doing it in the midday. This really helped me to feel fresh and awake the rest of the day compared to the days when I had my Instagram mornings. 

Later in the week, around the third day, I didn’t really miss Instagram as much. I missed taking pictures and I did miss a couple feeds that I really enjoy, but I didn’t feel the pull to check it all the time. 

When I finally got back on Instagram a couple days ago, I realized I hadn’t missed much. The world kept turning, feeds kept updating, and I lost a few followers. But overall, I felt better. I felt a little more content with my life, my body, and just me in general. 

Am I going to quit Instagram? No. But I am going to cut down on the feeds I follow. I’m only going to have my very favorite accounts that I want to follow, and I have stopped worrying about how much people like my pictures. I like my feed, and that is all that matters. 

Much love. Much grace. 



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