Be Encouraged.

When I started this blog, I intended to let it be an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to encourage people; to let them know that there are people who struggle with life and the crazy things that happen. To balance the negativity and bring forth light and joy.

My life has not always been happy, joyful, or loving. And at times it is very hard to be that way. It is a hard job being encouraging in a world full of discouraging and judgmental people.

To all my fellow encouragers out there:


Seriously. You can. I know how it feels, you are constantly encouraging others to embrace who they are, be confident, and to feel loved; and sometimes you don’t have enough encouragement left over for yourself. You can feel left out or forgotten at times, and that is normal. Because, like I said… being encouraging is hard. It takes work, discipline, and optimism that most people don’t have in our culture or in our world today.


Friends, when I was a teen, life as an encourager was really hard for me. I loved writing as a child and up until my Sophomore year, I believed I was good enough to use writing as a talent to help others. I would write notes and letters, both signed and anonymous, to random people who needed a little extra loving. I would give them to teachers, peers, family… anyone who I felt like needed a happy note.

Then my Sophomore year of high school I took an English/Literature class at a new school. My teacher told me repeatedly that I was a horrible writer, that I had neither skill nor talent, and how I could only coast through her class with a C at best.

Talk about rough.

There I was, new kid in school with no friends, family, or connections and I was being put down by someone I believed could be on my side. Like I said, rough.

For two years I struggled with writing papers in every class. I stopped writing letters and I would stress so much over papers that I would have stomach aches.

Then my freshman year of college, I began writing again. I started to journal every week. Slowly working up to multiple times a week, gaining confidence and just enjoying writing my thoughts on paper.


Guys, that has morphed into what I am doing today. No, this blog is not famous. The average views my posts get is around 30-60 each week. I don’t even own my domain name. But I am able to sit down, type out about a page and a half, and then post for the entire world to read. I share my emotions, thoughts, and struggles through this blog, and these sometimes intimate details are here to stay on the internet… Forever.

I guess what I am saying is this: just because someone tells you that you don’t have skills, talent, or any way of succeeding does not mean that person is right. Even if that person is a mentor, leader, expert, or well-liked.

You do what you have to in order to do what you love. Take a chance and don’t worry about how others view your talents (or lack-thereof).

You’ve got this.


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