An Open Letter To My Favorite Author

You changed my life.

I am sure many people say that phrase about tacos, celebrities, and other entities… but truly, you changed my life.

See, when I was alone, I would pick up your books and the stories would take me on wonderful adventures of travel and friendships. When I was feeling the burden of loneliness, I could seek companionship in your characters and their lives.

During the years when I was learning how to love myself and how to be confident, you helped show me how confidence can change a life. That being a leader is wonderful and can be done with grace. You showed me how I can lead without abandoning who I am, or what I believe. Β You showed me that loving who I am is the best way I can lead and love others.

When I was learning how to navigate relationships, you set the bar. Yes, your characters are imaginary, but to me they felt so real. Your stories were such beautiful examples of how to love, and how to be loved. From your books, I was reminded that I was a “peculiar treasure” that deserved to be cherished, not mistreated.

Your books taught me not to be afraid of change or of reaching out. They taught me how to seek friendships, accept the change that happens, and embrace new things. You taught me how to face the challenges life can give me… and to succeed.

Your books brought me life-skills, advice, and companionship. I will treasure the adventures with your characters forever.

Your books changed how I saw the world. They changed how I viewed my classmates, parents, and the need for compassion in the world.

Your books caused change in my life. You writing these books, caused me to see a whole new world.

You changed my life.

Thank you.

Much love. Much grace.


**My favorite author of all time is Robin Jones Gunn. She is truly a fun writer. While theΒ books I was particularly fond of are for teen girls, I grew so much while reading them. Be sure to check out her writings for women of all ages!


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