2015 Reflections

I thought about writing a post about this past year and then about the new year to come; but then I found a blog post that did such a wonderful job portraying what I wanted to say. This past year has been a crazy one with many ups and downs, but as always it was full of meaning and lessons to be learned. I learned about myself: how to embrace my emotions, overcome fears, and that I need to be true to myself.

These quotes are an important reminder and summary of my journey through 2015. Sometimes short quotes share more than I possibly could, so please enjoy this short post!

being positive in a negative situation is not naive. (1)

In 2015, I started this blog. I wanted to be more open with my writing and needed an outlet that was encouraging to others in a place of darkness. Creating this blog has been a challenge and full of such fun!

In 2015 other events happened of course: I got married to the coolest guy ever, I started student teaching, and I was able to travel to some pretty wonderful places. All in all, 2015 has been a great one and I can’t wait to see the joys of the new year!

Enjoy the Holidays, friends!

Much love. Much grace.





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