Book Love: Things Fall Apart

Compassion. Sadness. Open-Mindedness.

Those are the three things I got from finishing Chinua Acheb’s Things Fall Apart.

As a reader, I felt such compassion for people who seem a bit different from myself. The people in this book are different from me culturally, religiously, and linguistically. They live in tribes, have houses of mud, and beat their (multiple) wives. These people worship spirits of the Earth, fear evil spirits of the unborn, and believe that woman are worthless. The people in this book, and the man who writes it, use a language of which I cannot understand, and will probably never learn.

And yet.

We are so similar. We have loved ones who we try to protect or help. We have communities and rules that we each live by. We are all searching for the thing that will make our lives complete. For Okonkwo, he chases fame, titles, and respect. He follows his culture and is deeply rooted in their traditions, unwilling to change.

That is where  sadness overwhelmed me.

Are we not all like that at times? So comfortable in the ways things have been for decades, weeks, days?  Then, when a part changes, some of us lose ourselves, our faith, or our minds.

Time changes things. People change things.

That is the way life is; we know these changes are bound to happen.

This book is such a great example of what happens when a person is unyielding to change or unwilling to accept others. It helps bring a new opinion and point of view to those in the Western world. The book asks you to be more open-minded.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 4.10.35 PM.png

This book is a quick read at a 9th grade reading level, but the wording is a bit hard to work through due to the author not having English as a first language.  With that being said, some parts of the book may be a bit dry and hard to get through, but the overall book is worth the read. If you have the time and want to see how other cultures view the Western world, be sure to check out Things Fall Apart.

Much love. Much grace.




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