Things My Undergrad Taught Me

In honor of (FINALLY) graduating with my B.S. in Education today, I thought I would share some things I have learned while earning my undergrad!

  1. Naps are the best.
  2. Coffee is pretty good taken black.
  3. Changing your mind is okay, and encouraged.
  4. I am a hard-core introvert
  5. Do what you love
  6. Anything can go wrong…
  7. It’s how you handle it that matters.
  8. College friends are for life.
  9. Don’t you DARE compare yourself to others.
  10. God is essential.
  11. Dorm life is fun
  12. Dorm life is hard.
  13. College is NOT like the movies
  14. Professors are cool
  15. Study groups help broaden friendship horizons.
  16. Only join the clubs you REALLY WANT to join
  17. I am a feminist
  18. I am not a quitter
  19. School is hard
  20. Liberal Arts has the best students and the best profs
  21. Eating healthy is important, and possible in college
  22. Your profs are there to challenge your way of thinking… so you can prove why your opinions are right
  23. The easiest classes allow you to learn the least.
  24. Cafeteria food is the worst
  25. You don’t need to “go greek” to make life-long friendships
  26. Ramen is the worst
  27. Always ask questions
  28. The worst anyone can say is “no”
  29. Always wake-up on the first alarm
  30. College is worth the struggle.



I learned so much while working for my degree. Many of the lessons have been about life, how to respect others, and how to think through my personal ideas. I learned how to form educated opinions and prove they were right, even in front of a classroom. One of the most important things I learned was that we are all people; despite our religions, races, cultures, or opinions… we are all people.

These 30 things are only a few things I learned, I gained so many new ideas and skills… but these seemed like the best ones to share for now.


What about you? Is there anything you learned duringΒ college that was life changing? Be sure to let me know!

Much love. Much grace.




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