Why I Wear Black

“Why do you wear so much black?”

This is the most common statement I have been hearing in the last few months as I have transitioned from bright colors to black, grays, and other neutrals.*

Some people have found this to be a little different, but others have made the change  before me to neutral colored clothes for a variety of reasons. To help explain my transition to darker colors I have put together a list of the reasons why I have started eliminating colors from my closet.

  • I can’t match colors. Let’s be real. I have a really hard time matching my clothes. I used to be better, but as I have started having less and less time, I can’t take a whole day to plan outfits that match perfectly together. Only having colors that all match each other helps me to match outfits. I no longer have to find the perfect shirt that matches that vest or my bright patterned pants (why did I think that I would ever have success with THOSE?) because all my clothes literally already match everything else. So basically… I am now a fashionista. (jk JK) Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.53.38 AM


  • Saves me SO much time. I am student teaching and my mentor teacher was telling me about how people try to have uniforms with their everyday clothes. (Think Dwight on The Office– Mustard shirt, olive tie, brown suit… EVERY EPISODE.) Well I looked this crazy thing up, and it turns out that there is a study about how intelligent people in society all have uniforms. Apparently, getting rid of this one decision helps these people to get ready without stress and then they can focus on more important things other than clothes. I have to say this is totally true for me. Having to dress as a professional now vs like a college student makes me have to spend more time getting ready in the mornings. With all of my clothes being neutrals and already matching, I don’t have to plan outfits or spend time picking out my clothes at all. I can just throw them on and go. (Which I LOVE.)


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.54.14 AM


  • I am saving money. I am an impulse buyer. I love pretty things, and I love how the stores display them. I am any retailer’s dream because I totally buy into staging and lighting and atmosphere. When I made the decision to only buy neutrals, it totally changed my shopping habits. I no longer make impulse buys because the things I would be buying wouldn’t match anything that I already own. I don’t even look at bright clothes or patterns in stores because I don’t need them. I also don’t feel the need to buy a whole outfit when I buy a new shirt anymore, because I have tons of clothes that already match it at home.


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.48.55 AM

  • I like black. I really do. When I was in high school and middle school, my favorite outfits were the dark colors with black and white patterns. I love the overall style of dark clothes like skinny jeans, cat-eye makeup, and dark nails. When I got older I tried to experiment with more color, but now I am circling back to black because it just feels more like me. All the options that come with black clothing are amazing. An outfit could be classy, grungy, cutesy, vintage, etc. with just wearing black and other neutrals. Wearing black allows me to experiment with different outfits.



I love this new lifestyle and I have to say, the transition was pretty simple for me. (But that is a post for the future!) What about you? Do you only wear certain colors or do you go all in? Be sure to let me know what you think!

Much love. Much grace.


*One of the first blog posts I wrote about a year ago talked about why I wear flower crowns and cat tees. Let me just say that I still do, but I only wear them if it matches my “new” wardrobe.




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