Give A Little: Marriage

TheseΒ are some of my favorite blog posts, videos, or books about marriage from the past couple of weeks:


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 4.48.02 PM

Simple Ideas for Each of the 5 Love Languages

I love this post! Learning each other’s “Love Languages” is fun and so helpful in understanding the other person in your relationship. Be sure to take the quiz and see what your’s Β are.


Establishing Healthy Boundaries With Your In-Laws

This post is full of helpful information regarding not just in-laws but other extended family as well.


5 Things

I love this book. It is fairly short and is for both men and women, single and married, and is so encouraging!



Your Dream Home Might Take Time

A fun video encouraging you that your “dream home” doesn’t have to happen RIGHT NOW. You can wait and that is totally NORMAL.


I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Much love. Much grace.



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