Give A Little: Happy Things

I hope you have been enjoying the rains, flowers, and Spring weather this past month! Spring is such a happy time full of life, warmth, and a little extra sunshine. Today I wanted to share some happy things I have come across in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Choosing Our Words Carefully

Here are some FREE Printables and Downloads from Marriage Roots are too cute and so encouraging! I love how sweet these are!

Bird On A Line Designs

This cute Etsy shop sells some of the cutest signs for gifts or your home!

Paperglaze CalligraphyΒ 

This shop sells custom and specific handmade calligraphy. Each piece is so lovely and carefully written!


I know, I know…. these are pins and don’t really fall in line with the other things;Β I just couldn’t help it! I love how cute these enamel pins are! I want to collect them all!

I hope you have a happy Spring and lovely day!

Much love. Much grace.



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