2017 in Review

This has been a crazy year.

I have been fairly quiet on the blog for quite a few months, and when normally I would apologize, I don’t feel the need to.

My husband and I have started a new stage of life in a new state, half-way across the country. He is in grad school and I am working and we are trying to become as settled as possible.

My goals for this year were to write more content, as well as write more frequently, I definitely feel like taking the time to pause outside of my blog has been beneficial. I have still been writing, but it has been in more of a narrative style and I am practicing story-telling.

This past year I have been thinking about this blog, its purpose, and how I approach it. I feel that on this platform, there isn’t much more for me to share. This blog has run its course and I have shared all that I need to share with each of you. These past couple of years have been fun, challenging, and a learning experience, but I am ready for new things.

I will still continue to write both privately and publicly, which you can follow on my family blog at Adventures With The Yells. Thank you for reading along with me and sharing your stories! It has been a wonderful and encouraging experience.


Much love. Much grace.



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