Go Give.


I have always loved the expression of being a “Go Getter”. Go catch your dreams, grab the world by the tail, put it in your pocket, etc. etc. However, I am learning over and over how much this world needs more go GIVERS. We do need people to take action. To grab the world and make a difference… Sometimes that happens when we give back. Through this blog, I am hoping to give back some love, peace, and encouragement to this crazy world.

For now, I just want to leave with this thought and tagline for the blog.

YES. be a go getter… BUT, more importantly, be a GO GIVER.

Give fully. Give often.  Give actively.


If you would like to give financially, here are some fantastic causes:

UNICEF – gives to children in need during emergency disasters (Currently giving to those in Nepal)

Red Cross – gives to all people in need. (Currently giving to Syrian refugees)

Pura Vida – partners with various programs. if you buy a handmade bracelet they donate a portion to the charity paired with the bracelet.

Save the Children– Supplies food for Syrian kids and supports education in Syrian refugee camps.

International Rescue Committee– The group is in Greece, where thousands of people are arriving per day. Aid workers provide clean water and sanitation, and help new arrivals navigate the transit process and understand their legal rights.

The UN Refugee Agency– Give to the act of distributing sleeping bags, thermal blankets, raincoats, socks, clothes and footwear to the most vulnerable refugees.

Milk That Matters– Gives 50% of its proceeds to help stop child trafficking.

Exhale to Inhale– A Non-profit organization that brings yoga to shelters and women who have experienced abuse or trauma. This organization helps women to feel confident in their bodies while helping the emotional healing process.

The Malala Fund helps make education a reality for girls in the Middle East.


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