Perspectives is a series about ordinary people who have made the decision to live life in a different way. These people choose to take a new view on life and love, and give the rest of us a new perspective to the world that we live in.

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A New Perspective: Taylor

Taylor is currently living in Germany finishing his degree while being an international student. Read as he shares his struggles and choices in living a life with no regrets.

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A New Perspective: Liz

Learn about a refugee volunteer’s ideas behind the displaced coming to the USA. Read about her time spent working with Nepali-Bhutanese refugees and how it shaped her world-view of refugees.


A New Perspective: Christina

Read about Christina’s life as a military wife, her struggles with moving from place to place, and the joys that this life can bring.


A New Perspective: Jordan

An encouraging post about waiting, rest, and trust while trying to be content with where you are. Jordan shares her thoughts and feelings on moving from one town to another and the struggles it has entailed.



A New Perspective: Jessica

Take a look at Jessica’s life working with and encouraging women in Alberta, Canada.



A New Perspective: Alyssa
Check out Alyssa Bell’s post about life in an Airstream and the realities of living small and loving in a big way.


A New Perspective: Madi
Take the time to read all about Madi Zoller and her time as a student of film at Penn State University while learning about God in the process.



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