Cozy Coffee Playlist 2016

As I have mentioned before, I love music. Mr. Yell and I love traveling to concerts, no matter how far they are!  We have records, digital copies, and many (MANY!) CDs. I have written a few posts about my favorite artists and figured it was time to share some of that music with you!


This month I took the time to create a playlist of songs I have been enjoying this season.  Since it’s February I figured it was time to add a bit of pizazz to the cold weather! These are some songs that Mr. Yell and I enjoy while reading, working, or just drinking a cup of coffee in this winter weather.

Please enjoy this first edition of the “Cozy Coffee Playlist”!

Enjoy this wonderful winter season!

Much love. Much grace.



Give A Little

A Note on Call-Out Culture
Here is a wonderful reply to the ever spreading behavior of calling out people in public or on social media. Somewhat wordy, but definitely worth the read about why we should “call-in” instead.

Dear Newlyweds, Protect Your First Year
Being a newlywed myself, you can see why this article caught my eye when it was shared on Facebook. This is such an encouraging article for those who are newlyweds or those who have been married for years.  Such great advice!

Freedom 13 Ministry
This is a new and upcoming ministry that I am so excited about! In light of all of the media publicity about Josh Duggar and the Ashley Madison scandals, this seems like as good of time as any to share about a ministry that is not only doing good for people who believe in God, but also those who do not.

He for She
Not only was National Dog Day this week, so was National Equal Rights Day. He for She is a great cause that is not just for rights of women, but every person regardless of race or disability. You can see Emma Watson’s inspiring speech on equality here.  Be sure to take a look at their website or their Instagram to see how the get involved!

Guys. This is such a cool site. Not only is it fun to look at, it is a community of artists who can create things together. I love how this site uses different talents from all over to create videos and other art forms. Take a look, buy some merch, and maybe even join the process!

I found each of these articles extremely inspiring or interesting this week; so many great causes out there! Have a cause or inpiration you would like to share? Be sure to send an email by going to the “Contact” section on the blog.

Much love. Much grace.


Book Love: Yoga Girl

I am a book nut. I love reading any genre of book… fantasy, adventure, autobiography, all kinds.

I waited over six months for Rachel Brathen’s first book Yoga Girl to come out in the United States, and it was so worth it.


For those of you that don’t know, Rachel Brathen is a yogi who has taken social media by storm. She is on Instagram, has a blog, and a YouTube channel. She is inspirational to many, and lives by the mantra of love for all.

While her new book shares this life mission, it also has instructions for yoga poses, vegan/vegetarian recipes, as well as her life story.

Her book is in a different format, completely different than that of boring autobiographies we have seen before. She has colorful pictures of her home in Aruba and her travels across the globe, some even coming from her Instagram.

(Photo Cred:

I think what I really loved about Rachel’s book wasn’t just what she said or her gorgeous pictures, but just how she took the time to write her story.


She took time aside to share her life struggles through all the avenues of information sharing available to her, and I just find that so refreshing and inspiring.

I have been coming across several women I have gone to school with, who work on my college campus, or that I am friends with, and they are all saying the same things. They all want to share what they have learned through personal experiences through writing. And guys, I am LOVING it.

Some people complain about my generation as being “too noisy”, “too vain”, and “wanting too many likes”, but I think that most of that comes from wanting to share stories. We all want to share about what we have learned and be loved in spite of our failures, and we do that the only way we know how. Writing. Social media. Pinterest. Message boards. Whatever.

Rachel’s book is such a great example of how being open with others can help, inspire, and encourage others. Even when we don’t agree on everything, we as people desire to tell stories and be loved. So if you have the time, read Yoga Girl’s story. And maybe write your own.

After all:

“If doing something new doesn’t scare you at least a little, it’s not worth doing.”
– Rachel Brathen, YogaGirl

Much love. Much grace.


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Movie Love: Queen

I am not a film buff. I don’t know directors, actors, or screenwriters. I don’t know how to tell if a film is “badlly made”. All I know is that I love movies that provoke emotion, show the human experience, or take me to a far off land (imaginary or real). For a long time I have been meaning to watch a Bollywood film because I have heard so many great things about the colors, singing, and dancing; but also heard they were very emotional… causing me to drag my feet when thinking about watching one.

BUT. The movie Queen is AMAZING.

Like I said, I am not an expert, and I do not claim to be. I just love sweet movies and this is one of them.

This film is such a journey, and takes some time in the storyline- it’s 142 minutes long! – but it is worth every second. Rani meaning “Queen” and played by Kangana Ranaut, is a traditional Indian girl who was jilted just days before her elaborate wedding to Vijay (Rajkummar Rao).  In emotional distress and a loss for her next step Rani decides to go on her honeymoon to Paris, France and on to Amsterdam alone. Never traveling anywhere alone, even in her town in India, the thought of traveling across the world is daunting and frightening to Rani.


As she travels Rani meets people very different from herself. People who challenge her in many ways. In good ways. She is challenged to dance and shop. To do the things she loves like cooking and seeing new places. The people she encounters loves her as anyone would since she is an easy-to-love character. All I wanted while I was watching the film, was for Rani to enjoy her travels and her new life, and to be the Queen that her name called her to


I feel this way when I think about other women in my life as well. All I want is the best for them. I desire for their lives to be filled with good health, joy, peace, and adventures…. I want them to be respected and loved by others. I take joy in their triumphs and saddess in their trials. I want each of them to succeed, to be the Queen I know them to be.

How is it that I find it so hard to have these feelings for myself?

There are days where I think that I am not deserved of a good thought, let alone the idea of “Queen”.  Why is that? How can I love the other women in my life, when I find it so hard to love myself somedays?

And that is the very thing. I need to love myself, to see myself as others see me. To wish happiness, health, joy, and love to myself. A personal journey that must be taken to gain confidence in myself and who my God made me to be.

Rani had a physical and personal journey while roaming through Europe. Meeting new people, and learning that while they are different, those people cared for her deeply, more than her beloved Vijay ever did. And while I know most of us can’t drop everything and backpack to France, the personal journey to find confidence and love is still important. I don’t know what that looks like for you, or anyone else besides myself honestly. But I do know that it needs to be done. To change the world, we must have confidence in who we are; as women and men. As adults, teens, and in-betweens.

So go. Give yourself a little love. And then give it to someone else. (And then watch the movie Queen…)