The Year of 24

I had so many goals for when I turned 23 last year.

It is a tradition for me to make fun little goals for myself each year on my birthday to try new things or do more of what I enjoy. This year, I accomplished some but not all my goals couldΒ be scratched off the list.

This year I want to set different types of goals.

I want to set more meaningful goals.

I am continually growing in my goal setting because not only would I like to actually accomplish goals, but I also want these goals to bring me closer to a larger goal. Whether the goal is to be healthier, gain traction in my career, or find a way for my dreams to take shape, all of these larger goals need smaller more reachable goals. So this year I am setting realistic “themed” goals for myself.


  • Become more creative in my teaching.
  • Be more knowledgable in my content area.


  • Let go of anger.
  • Try not to expect perfection.
  • Be the hands and feet of Christ.


  • Take my vitamins when I need to (like an ADULT)
  • Drink more water (like an ADULT)


I am excited for what this year will bring for me and for my family. We have some exciting adventures ahead and I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

Bring it on 24!

Much love. Much grace.




The Year of 23.

You guys. I am turning 23 years old…. like, Sunday. (Which is weird because for this whole year I kept forgetting I was 22 instead of 21, but I digress..) Β Anyway, I am turning 23, and I am so excited! I love birthdays and I am so thankful that I have been able to live another year in this crazy world!

Every year, I try to make resolutions. For New Year’s Eve, I make the “big” life changing ones like healthier living and to be more compassionate.

Birthday resolutions are WAY more fun.


Every year, starting around my 16th birthday, I set fun little goals for myself. Nothing that is supposed to be deep or incredibly helpful, just fun personal things I want to do. Through these things I learn so much more about myself than the NYE ones, and each year I surprise myself. This past year (the year of 22), I did many things! I started a blog, tried studio yoga classes, traveled, and learned how to make some yummy dishes. This year I amΒ so excited I get to share my list with you!

The Year of 23
  • Run/jog/walk a 5K.
  • Watch 2 Bollywood films
  • Go to a concert (this is an every year thing for me… why give up good goals, right?)
  • Go to a museum and take my time. (No time constraints)
  • Paint a picture that I am proud of.
  • Watch a sunrise (and a sunset).

the year 23 (3)

How does that look for the year of 23? As I think of more, I will add them; and as I do these things I will cross them off (and probably write a blog post about it… ya know).

Do you have any fun goals for this year? Is there something you think everyone should do at least once a year? Let me know!

Much love. Much grace.