Married Christmas

I am loving this Christmas season! I mean I do every year, so that isn’t much of a surprise. I just really love the holidays. I love the decorations, the food, and all the joy. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, I feel like the joy is just contagious and people can’t help but to feel a bit of happiness.

This Christmas marks Mr. Yell and I’s second holiday season as a family and it has already been such fun! Yes; the holidays are always stressful trying to figure out whose house to go to and what times we need to see everyone; but this year has still been wonderful. This year we decided to dive into the Christmas spirit by making some new Yell family traditions. Making these traditions has been one of my favorite parts of being a “newlywed”. By making these fun little things to do each year, weΒ feel like we are becoming more like our own little family and it literally makes me giggle with excitement!

It’s been an interesting process trying to find things we want to carry over from our own families into our new one. My family has several traditions that I have enjoyed putting into Mr. Yell and mine’s holidays; and Zach has some new ones he has invented for us to do.


Decorating for Christmas

Mr. Yell and I started decorating the Saturday right after Thanksgiving. We put up Christmas lights, decorated our (live!) Christmas tree, and decorated the kitchen with cute little towels and other little Christmas things. It has been such fun getting to decorate together in our new home and it looks so cozy now! We even managed to get Mru, our cat, a little stocking for Christmas this year. Too cute, right? πŸ˜‰

12 Dates of Christmas

This year we each created 6 different dates and put them into envelopes. Each day that we open an envelope, we get a surprise date that is Christmas themed. It has been such fun so far! Some of our dates have included: driving to see Christmas lights, getting hot chocolate from Starbucks, and …

Christmas Party

For the past couple of years Mr. Yell and I have hosted a small Christmas party in our home. It is a fun time of sharing Christmas cheer and just spending time with friends before the holidays. It also helps me get some good practice on making Christmas goodies and deserts!

I hope this Christmas season fills you with warmth and love and joy.

Much love. Much grace.



Give A Little: Happy Things

I hope you have been enjoying the rains, flowers, and Spring weather this past month! Spring is such a happy time full of life, warmth, and a little extra sunshine. Today I wanted to share some happy things I have come across in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Choosing Our Words Carefully

Here are some FREE Printables and Downloads from Marriage Roots are too cute and so encouraging! I love how sweet these are!

Bird On A Line Designs

This cute Etsy shop sells some of the cutest signs for gifts or your home!

Paperglaze CalligraphyΒ 

This shop sells custom and specific handmade calligraphy. Each piece is so lovely and carefully written!


I know, I know…. these are pins and don’t really fall in line with the other things;Β I just couldn’t help it! I love how cute these enamel pins are! I want to collect them all!

I hope you have a happy Spring and lovely day!

Much love. Much grace.