New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope your holidays were full of fun, love, and peace these past couple of months. I have been quite busy myself with work and the holidays, but it is nice to take a moment just to sit and think.

Like many other people, the year of 2016 has been a pretty crazy one for me. I had a stressful time with school, I struggled with food, and I was overcoming some insecurities. To top it off, this year was pretty crazy with the national election and not really knowing how to process many of the things done and said by people close to me.

However, there have been many good things that have happened this year. I graduated college with my Bachelor’s of Science, Mr. Yell and I have started new camping adventures and rescued a cat, and I started a new job which I love. Personally, I have overcome many fears and issues that developed in my heart and mind, and overcoming those alone are enough for me to celebrate this year.

With all that being said, I have been trying to think of a new “Word of the Year” for 2017. If you have been following me for a little while, you know that last year my word was “Kind”. I wanted desperately to work on being kind to myself and to others. I believe that over the course of the year I was stretched in this area in many ways and that having the simple mantra of “kindness” helped me to remember my goal for the year.

This year there are so many things I want to accomplish. I want to love more, learn valuable skills at my job, be warm and encouraging, and I want to be content with life. After thinking about the things I hope to accomplish in 2017, the word “Peace” has been laid on my heart.


I need to find peace in the busy moments.

I need to seek peace in times of anger or sadness.

I need to have peace with what I am doing and how I am able to do it at a point in time.

Peace is what I need to seek.

After about a week of praying and thinking, I am learning that this type of peace comes from wisdom. A righteous, pure, wisdom is what brings true peace.

James 3:13-18

13 Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. 14 But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth.15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. 16 For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

17 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving,considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.18 Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.

I hope you will join me this year as I yearn to remember peace in my life and peace in my relationships with others. I hope that I can live by the wisdom the Lord gives. I pray that the simple word of “peace” will bring to mind what wisdom looks like for this upcoming year.

Bring it on 2017, I am ready for ya.

Much love. Much grace.



A Year In Review: 2015-2016

I cannot believe it… Go Giver has been around for a full year! This past year has been full of so many exciting, scary, and fun things; and I am so thankful.

From March 2015 to March 2016, so many changes and opportunities have happened through or because of this blog and I am excited to share some of these things with you today. I just wanted to take the time to let you have an idea of how much has been accomplished and for future goals in the upcoming year.

I created this blog a year ago for the personal reason of expanding my writing practice and the public reason of sharing encouragement and love on social media. My goals were clear and simple: I would write once every two weeks, my posts must be truthful or encouraging, and I will try this for a full year before giving up. A year later, and I am proud to say not only these goals were completed but also exceeded my own expectations! The blog grew to a post every Saturday (some weeks even had two posts) and each post I wrote had purpose (even the silly/fun ones). I did not think I could make it a full year year of writing, but here I am with new ideas and even a domain name… All thanks to you guys!

Untitled design (7)

This past year:

This past year I saw several different things take shape:

Thank YOU! Without all of your views, shares, and likes this blog would be completely unseen. These numbers are incredible to me! Thank you so much for your dedication to encouragement and your willingness to share positive words with others in your life. THANK YOU.

Future plans:

I have similar goals as this previous year of being consistent and honest with writing, but I am also working on some projects for this year. I am hoping to be able to share more often, work on better photography for the blog, and sharpen my writing skills.

  • Write every week
  • Present a message of truth and encouragement to be a light to others
  • Connect with a community of bloggers to challenge and encourage each other’s writing.
  • Write consistent book reviews for an online book review company
  • Authenticity

I hope that this year will bring more love, light, and encouragement to social media and the internet in general. This being said, Go Giver is going to work more towards using Instagram and Twitter for more than just promoting blog posts. Along with promotion and notification it will also double up on encouraging quotes and spotlights on what people are doing to love others in the community (internet and local- so if you know of any people you would love to see be encouraged/noticed let me know!)

Much love. Much grace.


2015 Reflections

I thought about writing a post about this past year and then about the new year to come; but then I found a blog post that did such a wonderful job portraying what I wanted to say. This past year has been a crazy one with many ups and downs, but as always it was full of meaning and lessons to be learned. I learned about myself: how to embrace my emotions, overcome fears, and that I need to be true to myself.

These quotes are an important reminder and summary of my journey through 2015. Sometimes short quotes share more than I possibly could, so please enjoy this short post!

being positive in a negative situation is not naive. (1)

In 2015, I started this blog. I wanted to be more open with my writing and needed an outlet that was encouraging to others in a place of darkness. Creating this blog has been a challenge and full of such fun!

In 2015 other events happened of course: I got married to the coolest guy ever, I started student teaching, and I was able to travel to some pretty wonderful places. All in all, 2015 has been a great one and I can’t wait to see the joys of the new year!

Enjoy the Holidays, friends!

Much love. Much grace.