New Adventures for the Yell’s!

First of all, #NotPregnant because that is literally the first thing anyone asks me. So no, not pregnant but still excited about this big news!


New adventuresComing soon!


Mr. Yell and I have decided to move to Seattle, Washington in August! Zach has been accepted into grad school in Seattle and we have been wanting to move there for quite some time, so we are taking this incredible opportunity to go on a new adventure.



We have been planning and preparing for this new part of our lives for a over a year and I am so excited to finally share our plans with everyone. We are both so very excited for this new chapter and doors that are opening for both of us as we venture westward.

Please feel free to share any advice with me if you have any, I will definitely take as much as I can, and if you are in the area, hit me up! Let’s be friends!

Much love. Much grace.




Be In A Tree

Tree House Point. Also known as “the best place ever”!  Mr. Yell and I spent part of our honeymoon a few weeks ago at this amazing bed and breakfast, and already cannot wait to go back to visit!
Located 30-45 minutes outside of Seattle, Washington, Tree House Point feels like a wilderness fairyland… It was so restful and relaxing!


THP has a creek that runs through the property that is crystal clear and perfectly round pebbles make up the beautiful creek bed.


There are six tree houses at THP and can room two people in each, making a dozen people the maximum amount that can be there at a time. Which honestly, makes things so much more magical.

There were ferns all over the grounds with small trails winding to different houses and down to the creek. This place looks as untouched as possible, making it easy to get in touch with nature or just enjoy being away from the craziness of life.


The view of some of the other tree houses from our own looked so peaceful and still. Little lights glow along the narrow pathways that navigate around to restrooms, the lodge, and the creek. (Above: the view of two tree houses from the Bonbibi tree house, in which we had the honor of staying.)


Rock totems (like those in the picture) line the creek bed along the property. Visitors can create a new one or add to a half-created totem. While this seemed somewhat strange at first, it actually became a fun and wonderful activity!


We not only loved the tree houses, but we were also only 20 minutes from Snoqualmie Falls. The view was gorgeous and even had a short (but STEEP) walking trail downstream of the falls.

Overall, we loved the experience of Tree House Point as well as what the towns surrounding had to offer. Mr. Yell and I can’t wait to make the trek back someday.

So if you have the time: Stop, take a breath, and “Be in a Tree”.

Much love. Much Grace.



Feel free to follow THP on Instagram by searching the tag name @treehousepoint for lovely pictures and updates about the property!